Juniors grand final wins!


Andrea Johnson


3 April 2022

We are super proud of our Sunday juniors who both won their final today!

JDC1 green ball

Not a surprise from the JDC green ball kids who went in with a team percentage of 465 for the season! Ben was there to officiate with presentations- thanks Ben 😎

I love the way the kids have written up their own names on the banner!! Haha! We can say we have their first autographs if any of them become stars in the future!


Congratulations to all the JOSD1 HE Parker tennis players for winning the Grand Final! So proud of them! Both teams demonstrated good sportsmanship, lots of good rally and tight matches. It was 3 hours of intense matches! Some parents even can’t watch during critical points :)

It was a nail biter right to the end with Charlie and Harvey putting in some massive rallies to take the last set 7-5 . The enjoyment and great sportsmanship from both clubs was fantastic to see.

Special thanks to Andrea and Bonnie who came to support us and Ben for all the tennis lessons and tips during the season. Some photos from the match today are below.