President’s report


Sue Moreland


20 June 2020

Greetings folks.

Hoping this update finds you all well and ready to resume a new season of tennis. Great News; All competition tennis is able to resume from 22nd June. As this fall around school holidays, for most it will mean a commencement date during the week beginning 13th July. For the juniors, ERT are proposing a shortened winter season during term 3, followed by a normal summer comp.

The job of putting together the junior teams is always a big one so please let our Junior convenor, James Wotherspoon 0407357318, know CLEARLY ASAP if your child is or is not playing Saturday morning comp when it starts.

For adult competition, the same applies. Contact Chris or Don ASAP to ensure your team or availability to play in a team is clearly noted.

Our clubhouse may be opened for use of the bathrooms. The covid 19 restrictions of groups of no more than 20 people indoors where the room allows 4 square metres per person. This means that our clubhouse can support 19 people indoors. Social distancing is recommended, with good hygiene practises. Remain aware of items you touch that may be touched by others. Please take your own water bottle or cup and provide food only for yourself. Use the hand sanitiser provided if you don’t have your own. Wipe down any communal facilities you use and importantly, if you are unwell, let your team or group know that you are playing it safe and stay away from others.

It has been great to be able to play tennis again these last few weeks. Wednesday evening from 7pm and Saturday afternoon from 2pm the courts are open for those who wish to have a social match. And coaching is in full swing.

Friday ladies and Monday men’s social are up and running also.

Looking forward to seeing you all on court . Thanks so much for your understanding and patience these last couple of months.

Happy hitting!
Sue Moreland