President’s report


Sue Moreland


31 October 2017


Great to see the courts being used every day of the week for competition and social play. A big thank you to all of you who consistently keep the club neat and tidy after you use it, both the courts and the club house. It is really appreciated by everyone who attends our facilities.

You may notice the new Fitness station has been installed. Feel free to have a try. The instructions for correct use are clearly written for each part on the station itself. We will be adding a little more mulch around it until a more permanent base can be put down next year, after the bathroom upgrade is finished. Council have cleared the final draft for building renovations with us and a builder is being sought with expected start date in January. The Breezeway area will be out of bounds during construction and a temporary portable toilet will be provided during this time.

The three dim lights on court 3 have been fixed. The capacitors were changed in both lights and the globe in the very dull light. Much better, thanks Malcolm. With Christmas fast approaching remember the 15 December for Friday ladies Christmas function, where the Christmas raffle will be drawn. Tickets will be available soon with wonderful Hampers up for grabs– if you want to sell raffle tickets contact Elizabeth or email

I attended the Dandenong Creek Daylighting information session through Melbourne water which will be started soon. As there is some asbestos present, special precautions are required and no-one needed to be scared by the space suits worn by removalists.

Sue Moreland, Happy Hitting!