President's report

By Sue Moreland | 30 July 2020

Greetings folks.

Hope this update finds you all well and coping with our changing world.

As you would be aware, the competition tennis which was due to resume last week did not start due to the resumed lockdown. I was pleased that tennis was more carefully considered in the guidelines due to the inherent nature of tennis giving us ample distance between players while on court playing a game. That said, our off-court behaviour between games needs to be mindful of the restrictions, so as to respect and protect each of our fellow players. I noted last week that our courts are being well utilised but the request for only singles to be played has inadvertently increased the number of people waiting for a turn (and worn us out faster). It appears if doubles were still allowed it would be easier to keep our social distance! Still, this is not the recommendation so we should try harder to comply, thereby keeping the courts open for us all to use. It is one of the few lucky sports to remain, so let’s make sure there is no reason for that to change.

Great news that Coach Ben is allowed to continue one-on-one coaching. Please support him and make use of the period we have been given to fine-tune your game. Plenty of scope for practice too.

Your continued support of the club with many having paid their 20202021 memberships is very much appreciated. We realise the uncertainty is, well, uncertain.

Our playing procedures now require each person to:

  • Book a court through Ben Longridge;
  • Organise your own balls;
  • Be mindful of your time period booked to free up for the next person
  • Use the sanitiser;
  • NO masks need be worn while playing is my understanding at this point;
  • No clubhouse access except to turn on court lights and toilet usage, and please clean thoroughly after use.

We have applied for a deferral of the AGM until November in the hope that gatherings will be allowed by then. If not, we will set up a Virtual AGM and send out the reports by email to each member. Many thanks again for your amazing understanding and for continuing to PLAY ON.

Happy hitting!
Sue Moreland